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  1. The text for “Bike the Bay – San Diego 2022” indicates the event is on Sunday August 28th. But the event details say October 28, 2022.

  2. It seems that all the Bike the Bay links are dead or outdated. Would love to do this event. Anyone have a more current status for it? Sunday, August 28, 2022 still a potential date?

  3. I am interested in attending, but would need to rent a road bike as I’m flying into California. Is there a convenient bike shop that would have bikes for rent?

  4. Hi Chris – are you an organizer? Their website still says the event is being held August 23, 2020. I only noticed the Aug. 23 date a while ago and started training. Can’t make the 28th. Can you help make the update on the website?

    1. Hi Micheal, We didn’t organize the event, just shared it on our calendar. The information on their Facebook page appears up to date and says the event is on the 28th. Hope that helps!

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