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You found us! Sweet. My name is Chris Emery, and on my back in the photo is my son Kai. We don’t know that person climbing in the background–but we’d like to! I started in 2011 to connect with other people with a passion for the outdoors and adventure.

Outdoor SoCal is the guide to outdoor adventure is Southern California, a region that offers a remarkable range of landscapes and adventures.

Here, I want to get you up to speed on ways you can connect with the Outoor SoCal community and the resources we offer through the website, email updates, and social media channels.

Chris Emery

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We send out regular (and free) email updates to help you get outside and have more fun. This includes hard-to-find information on the best trails, campgrounds and other outdoors destinations in SoCal as well as info on upcoming events, news and gear reviews and deals. Sign up here.

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We have both a Facebook page and a Facebook group. On the page we share updates to the site — new guides, articles, events, etc. The group is a place for the community to interact and share stories, ideas and inspiration.

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