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  1. What native plants are poisonous to horse’s in the Mojave Desert? Do you have to drag your yard, if there’s NO harmful plants on your private lot?

  2. I live in California City, CA, the southwest edge of the Mojave Desert.
    About an hour ago, I was pulling weeds, some I have never seen before. And I pulled what
    I’m sure will grow into a strong plant that has something all over it that sticks you!
    It’s a single stem that’s goes up – well I have some that are almost 2 ft tall, this was about 9 in ches tall. I pulled it bare handed, which is the first time I think I’ve done that, I usually have on leather gloves outside. I went on to pull a different weed, was still holding the one stemmed one in my left hand. All of a sudden the side of my hand where my pinky finger is started going numb. All the way numb. I brushed my hair away from my face, and where I touched my neck and left side of my face, starts going numb. I got into the house
    and poured peroxide on my hand, and the numbness started going away. I took an allergey pull right away, And then packed baking soda on my hand. Where I had touched my neck and face – it was red with white spots on it. Larger white spots. I wiped it all down with peroxide And I just now went to the mirror and checked. All redness and white spots are gone. And I pretty much feel normal again. Just a little funny feeling on left side of mouth. Like I ate a hot pepper and it burnt corner of my mouth.
    Is there a way to send you a picture and you can tell me what the heck it is? Please It definitely made me nervous for a while

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