Santee Boulders Climbing Area

Santee Boulders is a rock climbing area east of San Diego in the town of Santee, known for thin slab face climbing. The convenience of the boulders makes them one of the most popular climbing areas in San Diego.

The rock field is comprised of around 30 granite boulders, ranging as high as 40 feet and offering more than 200 named problems. The climbing is mostly crimpy faces and slabs that will test a climber’s finger strength and footwork. A few boulders offer mantel and crack problems as well. While the larger boulders offer a few top-rope routes, the Santee Boulders rock climbing is mostly bouldering. The landings are mostly flat, with ample room for crash pads.

The boulders are on private property, but Access Fund has negotiated access for climbers. The area is conveniently located just off Mast Boulevard in the town of Santee, across from West Hills Park, which offers parking.

Santee Boulders gets really hot in the summer months, when climbing will be limited to early morning or evening for all but the most hardy.

Allied Climbers of San Diego occasionally arranges graffiti cleaning days to remove paint from the boulders.

Santee Boulders Climbing Areas

Dog Pile

Santee Boulders Dog Pile climbing
Dog Pile boulders

Dog Pile is one of the largest rock collections at Santee Boulders, sitting on the west side of the area on top of a rise. A bolted 5.12d route named Kung Pao runs up the overhanging south face of the Dog Pile.

Mobi Dick

Santee Boulders Mobi Dick climbing
Mobi Dick

Mobi Dick, a massive boulder that juts out of the earth like a breaching whale, is the largest rock at Santee Boulders. Anchors are fixed to the top of the boulder for top roping some of the climbs. The East Butress is the highest climb at 30 feet.

The Amphitheater

Santee Boulders Amphitheater climbing
The Amphitheater

The Amphitheater, a large horizontal boulder, lies slightly down hill from Mobi Dick. The boulder offers 10 named bouldering routes, ranging from 5.7 to 5.10d. The climbs vary in height from 12-15 feet.

Bullet Hole Wall and America Express

Santee Boulders Bullet Hole Wall and American Express climbing
Bullet Hole Wall and American Express

Bullet Hole Wall and American Express are boulders that abutt Mobi Dick and The Amphitheater. The rocks offer 10 named routes ranging in difficulty from 5.8 to 5.11d. American Express Boulder has a high route with a top rope anchors at the top.

Santee Boulders Carousel climbing

Carousel is a 12-foot-high boulder in a small valley on the northern side of Santee Boulders. The boulder has routes all around it, ranging from 5.5 to 5.10d in difficulty.

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From San Diego, take highway 52 east to Mast Boulevard and head east off the exit. In about half a mile park at West Hills Park on the right. Cross Mast Boulevard on foot to get to the crag.

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