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  1. Hello! Thanks for the great article about the trails. However I am curious as to how difficult the terrain would be for a truck that isn’t exactly built for “challenging” off-roading. I currently have a 2011 Ford F350, crew cab, 8ft bed turbo diesel 4×4. It’s 22ft long, and weighs a hefty 7000lbs. I understand that it is not exactly an ideal off-road vehicle, but it most certainly is surprisingly capable, and I am a well experienced and capable driver, but I most certainly am not an expert off-roader. I’ve been wanting to do some exploring, and I am wondering if this trail would be suitable for my current vehicle. I’d rather not end up in a situation where I need to turn back, as turning around in a 22ft long truck is not exactly an easy feat even on a paved road. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dave.You’ll be fine on this trail in the truck you mentioned. There are some more challenging sections, such as Suicide Hill and the rock crawling section near there, but they are optional. If you stay on the main truck trail, you won’t have any problems.

  2. Yesterday I attempted to enter the trail via Alta Rd on the south western side. There was a closed gate stating border patrol owned that trail and it was illegal for anyone to drive on it. I’ve driven on this trail many times with no issues from border patrol before. I’ve even gone down and exited from the south western side on to Alta Rd with no issues as well.
    Can anyone provide a reason why this entrance is closed? Is this a new development that I some how missed or maybe I came at the wrong time on the wrong day?

  3. Yeah I’ve had to take an aggressive entrance up at Alta Rd when the gate was locked. That meant lockers on in a built Discovery 2 using an alternate route. Not okay since the locked gate blocks entrance from a public trail to a public road. Not too sure if all the side by side guys going 70 MPH down paved roads showing off on the Otay side are ruining the experience. I was taking my family out there and a Side by side passed us on the wrong side of the road just pinned. Not sure what they’re rush to go down a public road was when they just left the dirt! Goof balls! These people often have no off road experience and buy a 60k long travel rig and think they are Ivan Stewart lol!

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